Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I always struggle with introductions. Considering I spend 24 hours a day with myself, you would think it’d be easy to write a simple paragraph describing “me.” Here goes!

My name is Virginia and I am currently working as a high school teacher in Ontario. I am one of many “new” teachers looking for full-time employment in a market that doesn’t really need new teachers. With that said, I have had some great experiences so far and am currently teaching (and learning) at a great school.

I have many interests outside of my career which seem to be fairly arts-focused. I am a Theatre major who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University in Toronto, Ontario. After my undergrad studies I headed out to Kingston, Ontario and attended Queen’s University for my Bachelor of Education. I love being on stage and continue to pursue acting opportunities as they come up, although that part of my life has taken a back seat (for now) as I try to focus on building my career as an educator.

Music is something that has always been a love of mine. I am an avid concert-goer, cd-buyer and most recently ukulele-player. I love listening to music – I usually listen to CBC Radio 3 or a pre-determined playlist based on my mood and genre-preference on Songza (my favourite playlist). Other interests include travelling (I try to go on at least one trip a year) and photography (learning as I go).

There I am – in a tiny tiny nutshell. I must admit, I’m nervous about this endeavour but also very excited. I love to learn and collaborate and I feel as though this could be the best combination of the two.

Here we go!


A Day of Firsts

Greetings! Today I have decided to do two things I have never done before, and I am VERY excited about both.

First, I am writing my very first blog post! As someone who really loves and embraces Web 2.0, I find it funny that I have yet to blog. The thing is, I haven’t always been very public with my online persona  – this changes today.

Second, I have just registered for #etmooc – a mooc (massive open online course) with an educational technology & media focus. This will likely be the most prominent thing on my blog until I get the hang of this stuff.

Coming up…an intro!