8 August 2011 – Alberta, Canada

July 2016 note: Back in 2011 a friend and I decided to do a tour of some of Western Canada before going to a friend’s wedding in Alberta. We started in BC and made our way through it and Alberta. This is one entry part-way through that trip. Happy Canada Day 🙂


This morning we got picked up by our new tour guide. She took us to our first stop, Lake Minnewanka followed soon after by Two Jack Lake – both beautiful (much like everything out here). Jen and I took a couple of fun jumping pics and then we headed to one of my favourites: Lake Louise. Absolutely stunning; the water an awesome shade of turquoise. We headed up the mountain for a two-hour hike to see Mirror Lake and Lake Agnes where we stopped to eat lunch. After our hike back down we checked out the Fairmont Hotel and I took some pictures of the beautiful poppies for mom (her favourite flower).

Next was Crowfoot Glacier, then Bow Lake (which is fed by Bow Glacier) – both very impressive. After that we stopped at Mistaya Canon which was magnificent (I’m running out of adjectives for these gorgeous places). Mistaya Canon is a spot where the constant flow of water has eroded the rock which flowed over, creating a canyon. Words can’t really do these places justice so I’m taking lots of pictures.

We eventually arrived at our hostel for the night – HI-Rampart Creek. It’s a rustic wilderness hostel which I was a bit concerned about (seriously, no hot water?), but it turns out it’s pretty great. We made a coconut curry chicken for dinner and then sat around the campfire where Jen and I taught the others some old Canadian camp songs. They seemed to enjoy “Great Big Moose”.

I’m having such a fantastic time. I love meeting new people – the majority of the people on this trip are not Canadian. Everyone’s so nice and friendly and they keep asking Jen and I questions about Canada or telling us how beautiful it is here (which I’ve only recently realized myself seeing it firsthand). It’s such a cool feeling being a tourist in my own country. I can’t wait to see the rest of it.


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