Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I always struggle with introductions. Considering I spend 24 hours a day with myself, you would think it’d be easy to write a simple paragraph describing “me.” Here goes!

My name is Virginia and I am currently working as a high school teacher in Ontario. I am one of many “new” teachers looking for full-time employment in a market that doesn’t really need new teachers. With that said, I have had some great experiences so far and am currently teaching (and learning) at a great school.

I have many interests outside of my career which seem to be fairly arts-focused. I am a Theatre major who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University in Toronto, Ontario. After my undergrad studies I headed out to Kingston, Ontario and attended Queen’s University for my Bachelor of Education. I love being on stage and continue to pursue acting opportunities as they come up, although that part of my life has taken a back seat (for now) as I try to focus on building my career as an educator.

Music is something that has always been a love of mine. I am an avid concert-goer, cd-buyer and most recently ukulele-player. I love listening to music – I usually listen to CBC Radio 3 or a pre-determined playlist based on my mood and genre-preference on Songza (my favourite playlist). Other interests include travelling (I try to go on at least one trip a year) and photography (learning as I go).

There I am – in a tiny tiny nutshell. I must admit, I’m nervous about this endeavour but also very excited. I love to learn and collaborate and I feel as though this could be the best combination of the two.

Here we go!


2 thoughts on “Allow Me to Introduce Myself

  1. Lots of connections here….I am a former high school teacher in Ontario (now a literacy coach), I love theatre and CBC Radio 3, 2, and 1, my cousin is a musician in Toronto (Jennifer Foster) and she plays the ukulele, my son attended RMC in Kingston (graduated 2011), and my daughter is at York doing her BFA in Dance! So nice to meet you. What subject area are you currently teaching?

    1. Hi Julie – thank goodness for your Twitter comment or I wouldn’t have seen this one. Looks like it went to spam for some reason. Definitely lots of connections and it’s great to meet you as well. I am currently teaching Grade 11 and 12 English and soon to be teaching Grade 10 English and Student Success. I’m looking so forward to meeting others as part of etmooc!

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