A Day of Firsts

Greetings! Today I have decided to do two things I have never done before, and I am VERY excited about both.

First, I am writing my very first blog post! As someone who really loves and embraces Web 2.0, I find it funny that I have yet to blog. The thing is, I haven’t always been very public with my online persona  – this changes today.

Second, I have just registered for #etmooc – a mooc (massive open online course) with an educational technology & media focus. This will likely be the most prominent thing on my blog until I get the hang of this stuff.

Coming up…an intro!


2 thoughts on “A Day of Firsts

  1. Welcome to etmooc and blogging!

    It took me a long time from being introduced to what is a blog, to reading blogs to becoming a blogger so I can totally relate. The change really happened when I wanted to reflect on my learning, which lead me to writing blogs posts to then appreciating how you end up learning differently when you share your learning online.

    Best of luck with your blogging!

    Sue Waters

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